Meeting Place

The Pomona Church of Christ began in the spring of 1919 and met in the Herbison school house in community of Pomona.  The congregation was encouraged and led by W.M. Robins with approximately 9 members from the Pomona community.  The Pomona Church of Christ continued to meet  in the Herbison school until 1930 when it was decided that a new meeting place should be built.  Mr. Donald Lankford and his wife donated one acre of land and Mr. Ben McClurkin and his wife loaned money to purchase lumber for construction.  With this help, a building was constructed under the supervision of A.J. Bachman who was preaching for the Walnut Street Church of Christ.  This building served the congregation for over 35 years.

In 1956, it was decided that the time had come for the congregation to have proper leadership.  In that year two men, Charley Autenrieth and Spivey Hood, were appointed as elders. In addition, four men were selected as deacons: Robert Kaiser, Clyde Clifton, Alvis Davidson, and Frank Kaiser.


In the mid-sixties the congregation found itself in a growing community and it became clear that the current meeting place was no longer adequate.  In the spring of 1967, land was purchased facing the new Hwy 46 and construction was completed in the fall of that year.  This new building contained a 320 seat auditorium with 10 classrooms.  The Lord blessed the work and the congregation began to grow.  In the fall of 1975 a new wing of classrooms was added and then in early 1980’s a new two-story education building was constructed behind the auditorium.  These additional expansions gave the congregation a combined capacity of 395 with a total of 18 classrooms, a nursery, a training room, a library, and pantry/clothing room.

Robins Park


In the early 1980’s, a five and one half acre parcel of land was donated by the Robins family to Pomona Church of Christ.  This land was located behind Shady Brook Circle across the highway from the church.  Because of Pomona’s strong desire for fellowship and unity, this property was developed, with separate funding from members, to what is now Robins Park.



A building was constructed along with a playground, ball field, basketball court, and outdoor pavilion.  Over the years, Robins Park has served Pomona  Church of Christ and it’s members for a multitude of events such as a recreation facility, wedding location, youth devotionals, camp outs, and add-a-dish dinner site.  Pomona is blessed to have this wonderful facility.








Youth Group Room


In August 2013, we completed construction on a Youth Group Room in our education building designed to serve as a great spot for our teens to fellowship with one another.  This room serves to provide a space to encourage a unified and Godly youth group.


Thanks to the wisdom and foresight of our elders, this room will serve as a great tool as our congregation strives to build a strong and unified youth program.