Announcements – April 19th

Sunday’s Study Topics

AM: People of the Book – Psalm 119:1-8
PM: Into His Image – 2 Corinthians 3:18

Prayer List

Irene Garton
Bob Hyndman
Claude McGahey

Upcoming Events

  • Mock Bible Bowl April 19th at 6:00 pm
  • Robins Park clean up April 20th 
  • Ladies’ Day at West Dickson April 25th
  • Spring Sing at White Bluff April 26th
Message from the Elders
  Worship is a very important part of the Christian’s life.  In an attempt to enhance our worship experience, we have decided to move and shorten our announcements.  They will now take place after the invitation song.  We believe this will put more focus on our reason for assembling as well as give us more time to honor our God.  This change will allow us to start every Sunday at 10:25 am.  We will try starting the service in different ways.  You can help us with this change.  Please keep up with the announcements through the bulletin and powerpoint.  If you have an announcement, thank you note, or updates please turn them into the office by Thursday each week.  Only changes to the announcements in the bulliten will be announced from the pulpit.  Thank you for your cooperation. This change will begin on May 3rd.
              ~The Elders